Services that we offer include: 

Nail cutting 
If for cosmetic reasons or if you are struggling to cut your nails we can help with this. It is always recommended to keep your nails to a healthy length so as not to lead to any issues. Cutting them in the correct way is also very important. We can provide the service and advice for you to follow. 
Verrucae management 
Verrucae are caused by a virus (human papillonyma virus HPV) and should go away on their own accord. They can cause discomfort and may need treatment. A full treatment plan can be provided upon analysis of your problem. 
Corn and callous removal 
Corns and callous usually occur on areas of the feet under increased pressure. These are removed by debriding and enucleating by using a scalpel. Corns and callous can be extremely painful. Corns and callous are caused by excessive friction and rubbing against the skin, perhaps by ill-fitting footwear. The skin thickens and that becomes painful. Corns can be removed painlessly as well as hard skin in order to remove all excess hard skin. Following on from that, we can give you some tips on how to try to stop them recurring. 
Diabetic Foot Checks 
Diabetes can cause severe complications within the foot and sometimes this can be severe. The most common problems that a patient with diabetes can experience is poor blood supply and a lack of sensation in the feet. This is known as Neuropathy. Regular checks are essential to prevent further complications. We can provide advice for you on this subject and would recommend regular checks for preventative care as well as an annual check-up to prevent any more serious issues. 
Fungal nail treatment 
Fungal infections can affect the nails and skin and are characterized by thickening of the nail and a yellow/brown discoloration. Fungal infections cause the texture of the nail to alter. It may soften or become broken or even become loose enough to come off completely as the infection underneath causes the nail to detach from the skin. Fungal infections can spread also so are not always contained to one toe. It is therefore important to seek advice about how we can help you. The treatment consists of topical lacquer, foot sprays and cream however other options including nail removal can be considered. Chronic fungal nail infections often require anti-fungal medication on prescription. 
Athlete’s Foot 
Similar to fungal nail, athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection of the skin on the feet. It can cause itching and a burning sensation usually in the moist areas between the toes. Skin becomes brittle and cracks leading to soreness and painful skin. The condition can spread along the toes and can cause a good deal of discomfort. Fungal infections are highly contagious and can spread to anywhere on your skin so need to be treated as early as possible. Athlete’s foot is generally treated with an antifungal cream or spray. We can provide advice and tips to help you to keep it away for as long as possible. 
Ingrowing toenails 
The toenail becomes ‘ingrowing’ when the side of the nail starts to cut into the skin next to it and becomes embedded into the toe. Apart from becoming very painful, infection can start so it is important to act quickly in order to cure the condition. We can painlessly correct this issue and remove the offending “spike” or nail quickly. There are a few causes of an ingrowing toenail but we can advise you once we have fixed the problem, how you can prevent them recurring with some professional footcare advice. 
Neurological and vascular assessment 
A 10g monofilament and a tuning fork are used to detect loss of sensation. The quality of circulation is checked using a doppler. These tests are quick and painless and can easily be carried out during routine appointments. 
Biomechanics & video gait analysis 
Biomechanics is the application of mechanical principles to biological system and in this case the lower leg and foot. By giving you a thorough assessment using gait analysis on a treadmill, our aim is to fully understand your feet and movement and then provide a tailored plan of treatment for you. 
Custom orthotics made on site 
If we are unable to correct the problem with an off the shelf device and a custom made orthotic is required in one or both of your feet, then we can provide custom made devices to fit your feet perfectly. These will relieve pressure and provide support for your foot and lower limb. 

  Nail Surgery 

Persistent in-growing toenails may require a more permanent solution. This is easily achieved by removing the portion or spike of nail using a local anaesthetic, and possibly even treating the nail with a caustic to prevent regrowth depending on the severity. Nail surgery is generally very safe with minimal pain afterwards and is carried out in the usual clinic setting at Sale Moor Podiatry. 
This procedure involves removal of the outside edge of the nail, with the associated area of nail root. Treatment of the area where the nail root is located with a chemical (phenol) to destroy the cells that are responsible is carried out in some instances to prevent the nail from growing back and causing the problem to recur. which are responsible. Healing time can be around 6 weeks to get fully back to normal. 
Nursing/residential and home visits 
Our experienced staff attend local nursing homes on a regular basis. If you are unable to attend the clinic, we can offer a home visit service for your comfort and convenience. 
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